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BCR head of art & design, Keith Neltner, creating “Fenixon”

Keith Neltner and Neltner Small Batch are responsible for all the art that comes from BCR and all our releases, so needless to say we were very excited to see this beautiful piece of art being created before our eyes, set to “I Found the Body” from the ‘Fenixon’ project.

‘Fenixon’ is the experimental industrial album from Waylon & Shooter Jennings, recorded by father and son in 1996, and unavailable to the public until now!  On April 19th, 2014, the entire album on beautiful white vinyl will be available as part of Record Store Day nationally.  It will then become available at all retail, and in all other formats on June 23, 2014!


The first 4 releases, now available worldwide in retail stores!

March 18 Posters

Shooter Jennings on You Are My Sunshine

I feel like all three of us were very excited about what happened there and it felt like it was some kind of cosmic collaboration death ray that just got pointed at the lot of us.”

Jamey Johnson, Twiggy Ramirez, Shooter Jennings “You Are My Sunshine”
The title track was featured on an episode during last season’s Sons of Anarchy. The song was originally released digitally and and skyrocketed to the Top Twenty on the iTunes charts. “You Are My Sunshine” is available for the very first time black and grey splattered on vinyl.

Waylon Jennings Right for the Time (Remembered)
Presented on translucent yellow vinyl and CD, beautifully designed by Black Country Rock design partner Keith Neltner, this recording is an analog remastering of Waylon Jennings’ 1996 Justice Records release Right For The Time. In a unique pairing, Justice records and Black Country Rock Nashville have teamed up to re-release this memorable album of the late great Waylon Jennings. Transferred from the original 1/2″ reel-to-reel tapes, remastered directly for vinyl by Pete Lyman, this pure analog version of the record really pursues the methods and morals that producer Randall Jamail was after when he first recorded it.

Jessi Colter Live from Cain’s Ballroom
Recorded September 19th, 2013 at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this live album shows that soul never fades. From the first note the first lady of Outlaw Country strikes on her grand piano to the last bombastic chord of her electric band, Jessi Colter shines, overflowing with charm and charisma, and not to mention a few very personal moments. This is the first and only live record Ms. Colter has recorded and such a rare treat wouldn’t be complete with it’s own twists and turns. Jessi is joined by her son, Shooter, on a few of the tunes such a humble performance really makes one feel lucky to be there.

Shooter Jennings The Other Live
Recorded last year, The Other Live is Shooter Jennings’ sophomore live album. This time he and his band find themselves honed, locked, and loaded and in top form. An incredible performance from top to bottom, The Other Live truly showcases Jennings’ entire career with songs spanning across his six expansive albums, as well as his growth with new songs and songs from his critically acclaimed 2010 concept album Black Ribbons.

About Black Country Rock
Shooter Jennings recently announced the formation of his new label, Black Country Rock. The multi-format recording company is complete with satellite divisions in Los Angeles, CA and Nashville, TN as well as an active online community at bcrmedia.com. BCR does not discriminate against formats and will release music, film and other creative projects by way of vinyl, compact disc, cassette tape, digital download, DVD, VHS and more. BCR fearlessly embraces and supports both the continuing accessibility of the technology of the present and also the preservation of tangible goods, no matter their age or obscurity.

BCR is proud to announce 4 MORE releases to be available April 19th as part of Record Store Day 2014!


BCR Los Angeles and BCR Nashville are proud to announce our second batch of releases, to be released on April 19th as part of Record Store Day 2014

[BCR0015] Fenixon : Waylon Jennings & Shooter Jennings

Waylon Jennings has always been known for his disregard of mainstream pop music and fearlessness when it came to breaking new ground, but with “Fenixon” Waylon’s body of work will receive a brand new facet!  In 1995, Waylon and his then-sixteen-year-old-son Shooter Jennings constructed an album that blended the music and influences of the father, and the modern musical tastes and influences of his son.  Composed mostly by Shooter himself, “Fenixon” includes originals, as well as covers of some of the elder Jennings’ catalog of music, and some unexpected covers as well.  This was the only time the two collaborated together, and for the first time the album will be released in it’s entirety on beautiful white vinyl, with incredible packaging and illustrations by the great Keith Neltner. Listeners be warned: This is an Industrial type album and is not intended for older Waylon fans who may be expecting a country album.  This is the most experimental Waylon ever got in his entire career and showcases his fearlessness previously left unturned. This is a BCR Los Angeles release.

[BCR0016] Understanding and Appreciating Classical Music with Ron Jeremy : Ron Jeremy

I bet you didn’t realize that actor Ron Jeremy, well known for his work in certain “underground” films, played the harmonica and was a classical trained pianist did you?  This 7″ record finds Ron Jeremy sitting at the piano, discussing and performing classical music as well as mixing in his own sense of humor into the record.  Laced with his own sense of blue humor, this is a journey into the mind of Ron Jeremy and into the history of classical music and it’s influence on modern music.  Printed on beautiful gold vinyl with packaging designed by Keith Neltner.

[BCR0017] The Magic : Shooter Jennings & Hierophant
If you don’t know what “The Magic” is, it is the opening story in the controversial horror collection called “Thirteen”.  The single two-page story got the book banned in Italy for “opening a door that shouldn’t be opened”.  This occult spoken-word 7″ release should only be listened to when you are alone and can focus on it, as it requires much participation from the listener.  Can you make it all the way through?  Can you complete the last step?  Most people cannot.  Released on beautiful transparent vinyl with packaging designed by Keith Neltner.

[BCR0018] Windy City Redux : Wanda Jackson
Two live performances from the Queen of Rock n’ Roll captured at Lincoln Hall in Chicago back in 2011, a month after her Jack White-produced album “The Party Ain’t Over” was released.  These two songs (“Funnel of Love” and “Shakin’ All Over”) were destroyed by Shooter Jennings and feature Wanda’s full band including an elaborate horn section.  Released on beautiful white vinyl with packaging designed by Keith Neltner


For more information on participating stores near you visit Record Store Day’s official website

Shooter Jennings hosting BCR Nights at Loaded in Los Angeles

Shooter Jennings has launched the first of several Los Angeles area residencies titled “BCR Nights” at the Hollywood Blvd rock bar “Loaded” (6377 Hollywood Blvd) featuring many of his friends as acts.  The first night, launched on February 5th, featured Ted Russell Kamp, Jonathan Tyler (of the Northern Lights) and Ray Wylie Hubbard (filling in for a last minute bail-out by Lukas Nelson).  The night went off without a hitch though, with a huge audience who stayed for every note of the show with giant smiles on their faces.  The best part?  It only costs 10$ at the door.


“I look at Los Angeles not as a dead scene, but a scene left open for the taking.  When I moved here nearly fifteen years ago there was so much music and entertainment happening and it just went by the wayside.  I’m determined to use BCR and take advantage of a blank palette.” said Shooter.  “We were able to give away nearly 16 free vinyl to folks who put their names on our email list, and next week [February 12th] we will be giving away free bottles of Devil John Moonshine.  I want people to remember that you can come out in your own town, celebrate the acts that live and work where you do, and get free shit!”

The second BCR Nights at Loaded, taking place on February 12th, features Dan Coakley, JD Bender, Neal Casal (of the Cardinals and the Chris Robinson Brotherhood), Jonathan Tyler, Shooter and his mother Jessi Colter as well as some unannounced surprise guests.

The third and final BCR Nights at Loaded will take place on Wednesday, February 19th is set to feature The Dogmen, Billy Don Burns, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jonathan Tyler, Shooter and more yet to be announced… plus an extremely unexpected closing act.  Don’t miss these folks, as each show is going to be totally different and there will be more BCR vinyl and Devil John Moonshine giveaways at each show!  Doors at 7pm, 10$ cover.  Tell your friends!

Ring In The New Year With FREE Downloads

Happy New Year folks! To ring in 2014, we thought we would implement 4 permanent free downloads and one limited-time gift free download as a gift, and a celebration of a successful and exciting 2013!

First, we would like to offer as a special gift from us to you, the 2008 album “Waylon Forever” featuring Waylon Jennings & Shooter Jennings’ band at the time, the .357’s! All you have to do is submit your email below, and album will download in it’s entirety.

In addition to this, we would like to offer four more free downloads that will remain on the site permanently. First off there’s BCR007, BCR008 & BCR009, a three part free compilation series released in 2011 on the now defunct GiveMeMyXXX.com. These collections were meant to showcase the growing underground country and roots scene by offering one song by each artist as a taste of what is out there. Back by popular demand, we offer them below:



Last, but definitely not least, is Shooter Jennings’ outtakes album “Missed the Boat: A Collection of Demos and Rarities”. This album features demos, unreleased tracks and more spread from his first album all the way through 2010. Highlights include “Wake Up! (Pig Flu Mix)”, the Shellac cover “Letter to God” and the unreleased track “For All Debts, Public and Private”. Just enter your email address below to begin downloading:


Update from BCR…


Thank you to all of the fans who have supported the launch of our new company and helped us kick things off to a great start.  We had some delays in the shipping department but most of you have received your BCR pre-ordered products and the products that have been ordered recently are being shipped out as quickly as possible.  We’re just getting started and we are already looking ahead to the future and next year’s new releases.  We promise that you won’t be disappointed in what we have up our sleeves for 2014 and we will be sharing that special news with you some time next month.  In the mean time, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us (especially office assistant John Mayer) here at BCR Headquarters!

Black Country Rock proudly first Record Label to accept Bitcoins!

BCR Bitcoin Store

Black Country Rock is proud to announce the opening of our alternative BCR Bitcoin Store. As the value of Bitcoins soar, and international marketplaces begin accepting the new global open market currency, more and more small businesses are opening their doors and minds to the currency. The BCR Bitcoin store is also available as part of the official Black Country Rock, Shooter Jennings, and Waylon Jennings Facebook Fan Pages. For more information on bitcoins, visit the #1 open exchange Mt.Gox or open a walled at Blockchain.

Shooter Jennings announces the formation of new record label, Black County Rock


Shooter Jennings is excited to announce the formation of his new label, Black County Rock. The multi-format recording company is complete with satellite divisions in Los Angeles, CA and Nashville, TN as well as an active online community at bcrmedia.com

BCR does not discriminate against formats and will release music, film and other creative projects by way of vinyl, compact disc, cassette tape, digital download, DVD, VHS and more. BCR fearlessly embraces and supports both the continuing accessibility of the technology of the present and also the preservation of tangible goods, no matter their age or obscurity.

BCR inaugural releases, available worldwide November 29th, are :

Waylon Jennings “Right for the Time (Remembered)”, a fully analog remaster of Waylon’s memorable 1996 album “Right for the Time”, available on Limited Edition translucent yellow Vinyl & Cassette, CD & Digital Download

Jessi Colter “Live from Cain’s Ballroom”, Jessi’s first live record ever, recorded in September of 2013, shows that soul never fades. This release is available on limited edition baby pink Vinyls & Cassettes, CD & DIgital Download

Shooter Jennings “The Other Live”, Shooter’s 2nd live record featuring unique-to-format tracks spread across translucent blue Vinyl & Cassette, CD and Digital Download. There are at least 2 unique songs on each different format making each version a different experience for the listener. True die hard fans will need to get all three to get them all, and with all of these albums, digital downloads will be included with the analog formats.

and finally… a dreadful collaborative single A/B side from three unexpected artists makes up our MYSTERY RELEASE. Printed on a splattered grey & black vinyl and cassette, this release will definitely be the surprise of the year!
A brand new website and web store will carry each of these items. Digital versions of each record will be available online November 26th, 2013. All physical copies will be available November 29th, 2013. They won’t be available in stores until next year, so get your limited edition copy today!

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