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Beyond the Black Episode 1: Wake Up! / Triskaidekaphobia

In the premiere episode of Beyond the Black episode, Shooter Jennings discusses the inspiration for the album Black Ribbons, the message and mentality of the fictional band Hierophant, the Franklin Scandal, Ophiuchus, the death of Princess Diana as well as many other stories and tales!

Click here to listen to Beyond the Black!

For more information, or for a list of all episodes available, please visit beyondthe.black.

2 comments on “Beyond the Black Episode 1: Wake Up! / Triskaidekaphobia

  1. Jason Stone on

    Interesting. A curious cat finds much to occupy his time. If All is illusion, does that include its deciphering?
    “The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding”–The Kybalion

  2. Susan "Tink"Larson i.e. Red's wife on

    You amaze me by your music and your incite!!! Wish more people out there understood what you’re talking about. Peace wouldn’t just be a dream. Thank you!!! Also you quoted Red to the “T”.


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