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Beyond The Black: Episode 2 is out!

Okay, folks! It’s out! Episode 2 of Beyond The Black has arrived! This edition, titled “Don’t Feed The Animals / The Breaking Point” tackles the subjects of the beast within, good people ‘breaking bad’, the monsters among us, and more!

Tune in right now at and join us for yet another trip in the dark and devastating tales that inspired ‘Black Ribbons’ #beyondtheblack
And remember the Black Ribbon Ultimate Edition will be released on Election Day, November 8th 2016 featuring a double remastered LP, one CD of the album, once CD filled with outtakes, a limited rare collection Archetype Card, and a download card filled with everything plus 6+ hours of extras, including the entire #beyondtheblack series!

Beyond The Black: Episode 2 Official Teaser!

This Saturday, August 7th, Black Country Rock is proud to present Beyond The Black: Episode 2: Don’t Feed The Animals / The Breaking Point. Beyond The Black is a FREE limited audio series hosted by Shooter Jennings delving into the deep, dark topics and tales that inspired the 2010 album Black Ribbons.

The Black Ribbons Ultimate Pack which includes 2 vinyl, 2 cd’s, a limited Archetype Card and a Download Card with 6+ hours of extras, will be released on Election Day, Nov 8th 2016.
Don’t Let Them Get You Down!

If you haven’t caught up on Episode 1, please visit and get your ass caught up!

Colonel Birthday Bash 2016 Merch

Happy Birthday to the Colonel Jon Hensley. If you knew him, if you loved him, please buy this limited edition run of Colonel Birthday Bash merch. 100% of all proceeds go to the Colonel Jon Hensley Memorial fund. Help us celebrate our fearless leader. This design will never be reprinted, so get them while we got them.

Beyond the Black Episode 1: Wake Up! / Triskaidekaphobia

In the premiere episode of Beyond the Black episode, Shooter Jennings discusses the inspiration for the album Black Ribbons, the message and mentality of the fictional band Hierophant, the Franklin Scandal, Ophiuchus, the death of Princess Diana as well as many other stories and tales!

Click here to listen to Beyond the Black!

For more information, or for a list of all episodes available, please visit

Beyond The Black: Episode 1 (Official Teaser)

Starting August 13th, the limited audio series Beyond The Black, hosted by Shooter Jennings, will take the listener into the dark recesses of the conspiracy counter culture and the hollow walls of the unknown! Hear the stories and tales that inspired Jennings’ 2010 album Black Ribbons and tread some new dark strange paths along the way!

Beyond The Black
episodes will be delivered on the official Beyond The Black website at

Beyond the Black is coming!


Starting August 13th Black Country Rock will begin airing Beyond the Black, a free limited audio series hosted by Shooter Jennings that delves into the dark stories and tales that inspired the album Black Ribbons.

The first episode will air at a to-be-disclosed location and new episodes will be delivered every two weeks until the release of the Black Ribbons Ultimate Edition vinyl on election day (November 8th, 2016). Each episode of Beyond the Black will be around 45 minutes in length and will be available for download or streaming upon delivery.

Beyond the Black episode schedule:

Saturday, August 13th, 2016 @ 10pm CST: Episode 1 is delivered

Saturday, August 27th, 2016 @ 10pm: Episode 2 is delivered

Saturday, September 10th, 2016 @ 10pm: Episode 3 is delivered

Saturday, September 24th, 2016 @ 10pm: Episode 4 is delivered

Saturday, October 8th, 2016 @ 10pm: Episode 5 is delivered

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 @ 10pm: Episode 6 is delivered

Saturday, November 5th, 2016 @ 10pm: Episode 7 is delivered

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 @ midnight: Black Ribbons Ultimate Edition is available world wide.

Stay tuned to for more information about Beyond the Black or follow us on twitter @bcrlosangeles or on Facebook.

Shit’s About to Get Real.

Dig Marilyn Manson? Bowie? Retro gaming? Shooter Jennings? A proper story? Haircare? Sex for all the wrong reasons? Arson? Hollywood? Naked bodies floating through space? Pixel art? Joy? Trans Ams? The End Times?

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these, you need to watch the new Shooter Jennings video from yours truly here at BCR: “Cat People.” Vocals by Marilyn Manson; music by David Bowie; inspiration by and dedicated to Giorgio Moroder; video directed by Valenberg & Blake Judd; and pixel art animation by Valenberg.

Click here to watch with YouTube!
Shooter says: “I love this song, Manson’s vocals, and Valenberg’s pixel art. It’s like a Super Nintendo version of a John Carpenter film.” Like what you’ve seen and heard today? Keep a close eye on us over the next couple months: Shit’s gonna get real around here and we think you’re gonna like it.

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