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  • Shooter Jennings -Black Ribbons (Ultimate Edition) - Vinyl, CD & Download 2
  • Shooter Jennings -Black Ribbons (Ultimate Edition) - Vinyl, CD & Download 3
  • Shooter Jennings -Black Ribbons (Ultimate Edition) - Vinyl, CD & Download 4
  • Shooter Jennings -Black Ribbons (Ultimate Edition) - Vinyl, CD & Download 5
  • Shooter Jennings -Black Ribbons (Ultimate Edition) - Vinyl, CD & Download 6
  • Shooter Jennings -Black Ribbons (Ultimate Edition) - Vinyl, CD & Download 7
  • Shooter Jennings -Black Ribbons (Ultimate Edition) - Vinyl, CD & Download 8
  • Shooter Jennings -Black Ribbons (Ultimate Edition) - Vinyl, CD & Download 9

Shooter Jennings -Black Ribbons (Ultimate Edition) – Vinyl, CD & Download

(13 customer reviews)


This item is a special edition box set that includes the FULL album on 2xLP, CD + bonus material on a second CD, and hours of content via a download card. 1 of 7 Collectable Enhanced Archetype cards included inside a revamped packaging.

70 in stock


Shooter Jennings / Black Ribbons (Ultimate Edition, Re-Issue)

Shooter Jennings and BCR Los Angeles proudly announce a re-release of his 2010 album, Black Ribbons. The re-release of the album comes in at the perfect time for the genre-breaking, dystopian concept album. Election Day, November 8th, 2016.

Narrated by Stephen King, Black Ribbons is a concept album set in the near future, when the U.S. government has control over the airwaves, and a lone radio DJ vows to play the one band the government doesn’t want him to play. The album takes you on an incredible multi-genre, anti-establishment infused journey that brings you right where the album was conceptualized — truth and awakening.

Along with the re-release, Jennings also announces a limited series entitled “Beyond the Black”, which takes you song by song through the story of Black Ribbons, and how the concepts and theories behind the project still ring true today.

This limited, special edition re-release will be released as a package that includes:

– 2xLP remastered copy of Black Ribbons
– CD copy of Black Ribbons
– CD copy of previously un-released, rare, and new tracks from Shooter Jennings and Hierophant
– 1 of 7 Collectors Enhanced Archetype Cards
– New album art, and special packaging by Keith Neltner for Neltner Small Batch

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Signed, Unsigned

13 reviews for Shooter Jennings -Black Ribbons (Ultimate Edition) – Vinyl, CD & Download

  1. t!mp@u11

    The revolution will not be televised.

  2. Nate Ganzhorn

    Kick ass as Shooter always is!

  3. wesley fields


  4. john Peterson

    I want a shirt

  5. Megan Babbitts (verified owner)

    Easily one of the most thoughtful albums ever made. Love you all!! Please sign mine if you can 🙂

  6. Tenishia Sunshine

    Beyond the Black series had been so much fun! I don’t want it to end. I enjoy the history stories, of course the music and how Shooter makes ya Sit back and relax and enjoy the show. Opens your mind to alot of things id normally just take for granted. Can we VOTE to have this show extended! Weekly episodes!

  7. Jared Kolbow (verified owner)

    I received my copy today and the artwork and total package far exceeded my expectations. I still can’t believe BCR could put together such an awesome deluxe release of this amazing album for only $40. I can’t wait to check out the downloads when they are available tomorrow.

  8. Nick Calidonna (verified owner)

    This is the greatest album I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. When I bought this the first day of release back in 2010, it was a mind-blowing experience that had me really thinking about the world and where we’re heading. I will recommend this album to anyone any day of the week.

  9. Freddy (verified owner)

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the Beyond The Black Series. I listened to Art Bell when I was younger and have always been interested in alternative reality and conspiracy related topics. Shooter hits on all of the best stuff and does so in a way that neither mocks it nor totally sells out to it. He is inquisitive and you can tell he enjoys the subject matter. Having an open mind and allowing for things most see as impossible or ridiculous is a lot of fun. I’d rather explore the space in my mind than close it off. Thanks to Shooter and BCR for giving us so much to enjoy and contemplate!

  10. BIGNOKR (verified owner)

    I loved the beyond the black series-tied in with the cuts off the album

  11. Michael Durham (verified owner)

    Possibly my all time favorite album. Black Ribbons is criminally slept on and I’m glad I got in early to get the signed edition. The remixes are interesting, the live versions are amazing, and the unreleased material kicks ass. Having the entire Beyond the Black series to listen to on demand is a journey, one that everyone needs to take. 5 Stars and a thank you for making such great music!

  12. James chapman

    Love all his stuff.

  13. loui costa

    Beyond the black was a real gem! Please, make a season 2 happen!

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