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  • Hellbound Glory “Streets of Aberdeen” Vinyl + CD + Download 2

Hellbound Glory “Streets of Aberdeen” Vinyl + CD + Download


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In 2014 Hellbound Glory released an EP entitled ‘LV’ that featured “Just A Shell…”, “No Service”, and the title track. These songs would go on to become a major favorite among die-hard fans. Now, four years later, Leroy and crew came together and recorded several new songs to complete the LP and finally bring a close to the story of Billy Gohl and the Streets of Aberdeen. ‘Streets of Aberdeen’, printed on a beautiful hardwood vinyl, features all five songs from the original EP remastered here for maximum audio quality, as well as seven additional recordings. Finally the true story of Billy Gohl, Aberdeen’s most vicious killer and the recording studio with trap doors that held his bloody secrets is now told in its full form here on this limited, 12-track LP from Black Country Rock.


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