• Waylon Jennings "Right for the Time (Remembered)" Yellow Cassette Tape 2

Waylon Jennings “Right for the Time (Remembered)” Yellow Cassette Tape


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This is a limited edition translucent yellow remastering of Waylon's 1996 Justice Records release “Right for the Time”. In a unique pairing, Justice records and BCR Nashville have teamed up to re-release this memorable album of the late great Waylon Jennings. Transferred from the original 1/2″ reel-to-reel tapes, remastered directly for vinly by Pete Lyman, this pure analog version of the record really pursues the methods and morals that producer Randall Jamail was after when he first recorded it.


2. Cactus Texas
3. The Most Sensible Thing
4. The Boxer
5. Hittin' The Bottle Again
6. Wastin' Time
7. Kissing You Goodbye


8. Carnival Song
9. Out of Jail
10. Lines
11. Deep In The West
12. Right for the Time
13. Living Legends, Pt. 2

Each cassette includes an Apple Lossless formatted digital download of the album in full


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