Ring In The New Year With FREE Downloads

Happy New Year folks! To ring in 2014, we thought we would implement 4 permanent free downloads and one limited-time gift free download as a gift, and a celebration of a successful and exciting 2013!

First, we would like to offer as a special gift from us to you, the 2008 album “Waylon Forever” featuring Waylon Jennings & Shooter Jennings’ band at the time, the .357’s! All you have to do is submit your email below, and album will download in it’s entirety.

In addition to this, we would like to offer four more free downloads that will remain on the site permanently. First off there’s BCR007, BCR008 & BCR009, a three part free compilation series released in 2011 on the now defunct GiveMeMyXXX.com. These collections were meant to showcase the growing underground country and roots scene by offering one song by each artist as a taste of what is out there. Back by popular demand, we offer them below:



Last, but definitely not least, is Shooter Jennings’ outtakes album “Missed the Boat: A Collection of Demos and Rarities”. This album features demos, unreleased tracks and more spread from his first album all the way through 2010. Highlights include “Wake Up! (Pig Flu Mix)”, the Shellac cover “Letter to God” and the unreleased track “For All Debts, Public and Private”. Just enter your email address below to begin downloading:


89 comments on “Ring In The New Year With FREE Downloads

  1. Rex J. Allen on

    My favorite singer/songwriter/guitar picker since I saw Nashville Rebel in early ’60’s. Now going to see Shooter Jennings in Louisville Ky. 01/04/2014. I miss you Waymore

  2. nathan38401 on

    Thanks Shooter. These are all top quality albums. Really appreciate it man. Happy New Year to you and your family. Here’s to 2014! See you out on the road sometime brother.

  3. Brian Drewry on

    Remember what I said…….New OUTLAW PROJECT……You, Hank III, Kid Rock, And Everlast!!!! Hell Hank Jr. is cool with you and Bob, Sheltons his boy and certainly one of you guys can get ahold of Eric. Me and wiggerbilly friends would go crazy man. We love all of yall and cant figure out why yall dont get along. Anyway just our dream Outlaw group!!!! But its rare that you can listen to a whole album and love it. With you it’s rare that you can’t!!! Thanks for the music!

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