Shooter Jennings and Elektra Records proudly release the latest single from the upcoming album “Shooter”, and another installment of the “Hey Shooter!” video series that’s joined each of the album’s songs ahead of the August 10th release date.

Shooter spoke with Billboard’s Chuck Dauphin on the tune’s creation, and the Hank Jr. influence on the record.

“One thing about the record that I particularly wanted was to have a good drinking song, so I got in text contact with him (Aaron Ratiere), and told him what I was trying to do with this record. I went up to meet him and he said ‘I’ve got this line – I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna do with my whole day – I’m gonna get D.R.U.N.K.”

Watch “Hey Shooter! Ep 5 here.
Listen to “D.R.U.N.K.” and pre-order “Shooter” here.

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